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Fancy An Abstract Man?


Is it true to say that all of us fancy an abstract man even if we can’t believe it ourselves? An abstract man will be radical, tell obscure jokes that only he may find funny (unless of course he has abstract friends who have a ‘love this feature in you’ relationship) wear far-out hats and generally be helpful in the most caring way he can.

But back to reality and back to the cupboard at MHQ we know that whilst our hearts desire to spend time with this man (even if only on our day off) what we really need is an abstract man, with facial features, finished in an all in one colour choice of white matt or flesh tone. He should beable to wear shoes and you are in luck as this lot don’t suffer from verbal diarrhea, guaranteed.

So your search is over. This lot of stunners have just arrived at MHQ and are already in high demand. Only available to hire, whether short or long term, you can give their carers a call on +44 (0) 1636 610033 to find out more about them.


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